Understanding Faith

Philosophy Underpinning the Teaching of Understanding Faith

HIBS is a Christian based school, and within this environment, welcomes students from all cultures, religions and faiths. HIBS maintains an affiliation to the Anglican Church. The affiliation to the Anglican Church comes by way of our Commencement Service at the Cathedral, involvement of the Bishop in special services and events and educational aids provided by the Anglican Schools office.

Through an active programme of Christian education based on Christian doctrine, HIBS provides young men residing in a predominantly secular society the opportunity to establish their own spiritual identity based on the Christian faith. These include but are not limited to care for others, the importance of the family unit, honesty, integrity, loyalty, the pursuit of excellence and recognising that each individual has value and divine purpose regardless of race, gender, academic or physical ability.

These are the aspects of the Christian faith that we continually strive to inculcate within our Special Character.

The aim of Understanding Faith is to explore faith issues and to expose students to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. We also prepare students to think critically and express their stance on issues, thus helping prepare them for the challenges of the wider world.