Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the life and people of HIBS. On this website we are able to provide but a glimpse of the opportunities and experiences available to the students at HIBS.

Our school is a very special place. We encourage and expect excellence. We have a firm belief that each young person given the right encouragement and opportunity, can excel.

Hutt International Boys’ School was started in 1991 with a strong vision by people who wanted more for their sons. As the demand for the school exceeds places available, there is still a clear preference for many parents to educate their sons in a boys’ environment.

The school fosters caring and tolerance, and an environment where the students strive for excellence, have pride in their personal appearance, perform the best they can and bring credit to themselves and their families.

The Special Character of HIBS is founded on Christianity and Internationalisation. It is firmly based on the values of Honour, Integrity, Belief and Service. While we don’t have any international students at HIBS, our international outlook prepares our students for life beyond the Hutt Valley and New Zealand. It provides them with an understanding of other cultures, the environment and other important issues from a world wide perspective.

Enjoy your visit to the HIBS website. Feel free to contact the school if you require further information.

Tom Gordon