At HIBS we recognise that people in many other countries are not as fortunate as ourselves. In keeping with our Christian values, all students are required to perform school and community service to achieve their Graduation Certificate.

International Service is one opportunity that allows students to experience another country and culture while “giving back” to the community by providing much needed resources and assistance. It gives students an opportunity to take action and help communities that are less fortunate than our own.

Each year a team of 16 Year 13 students and staff travel to communities in and around the Pacific to undertake service projects. They fundraise, seek sponsorship and collect goods to take to a community less fortunate than our own. Goods are delivered, installed or used to try to improve the lives of people in another community.

HIBS students have performed International Service in the Philippines, Mexico, Samoa, Vietnam, Tonga, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. The tasks they have performed include painting school buildings, installing computer systems, building facilities, improving drainage, purchasing ceiling fans and paying for their installation, and sharing our time, culture and language while learning another. Techniques for communication with people from other cultures are taught and opportunities for interaction provided.

All students return with new values and priorities and a greater appreciation of how fortunate we are as New Zealanders.

The current project for 2024 is intending to head to Pacific Harbour, collaborating with Projects Abroad on construction and marine conservation projects.

Te Taura Here Tāngata / Head of Internationalisation

    David Graham

Current Project – Fiji 2024

Previous Projects

2023 Vanuatu
2022 Fiji
2021 Iramoko Marae BoP
2020 Vanuatu/ Taranaki
2019 Vietnam
2018 Vanuatu
2017 Fiji
2016 Samoa
2015 Vietnam
2014 Mexico
2013 Samoa
2012 Vietnam
2011 Mangaia, Cook Islands
2010 Samoa
2009 Vietnam
2008 Fiji
2007 Fiji
2006 Rarotonga, Cook Islands
2005 Fiji
2004 Fiji
2003 Rarotonga, Cook Islands
2002 Tonga
2000 Philippines
1999 Tonga
1998  Philippines