At HIBS we recognise that people in many other countries are not as fortunate as ourselves. In keeping with our Christian values, all students are required to perform school and community service to achieve their Graduation Certificate.

Each year a group of 12 - 15 senior students take their service offshore. They fundraise, seek sponsorship and collect goods to take to a community less fortunate than our own. Goods are delivered, installed or used to try to improve the lives of people in another community.

HIBS students have performed International Service in the Philippines, Mexico, Samoa, Vietnam, Tonga, Cook Islands and Fiji. The tasks they have performed include painting school buildings, installing computer systems, building facilities, improving drainage, purchasing ceiling fans and paying for their installation, and sharing our time, culture and language while learning another.

Techniques for communication with people from other cultures are taught and opportunities for interaction provided.

All students return with new values and priorities and a greater appreciation of how fortunate we are as New Zealanders.

Teacher in charge of International Trips

Trevor Lawrence