HIBS Behaviour and Discipline

It is important for young men to have both support and consequences when boundaries are breached. Often inappropriate behaviour will occur without intent and can be quickly resolved. The HIBS Student Support Network is set up to ensure students are both supported and held to account when behavioural standards slip. Expectations of behaviour are well defined and understood by HIBS students, and there is a heirachy of staffing to ensure students are managed appropriately, according to seriousness, while maintaining ‘escalation points’ for repeated behaviours, or more serious offences.

It is acknowledged that aligned with the high expectations for student learning and achievement, high expectations of personal discipline contributes to the positive culture within the School. The culture of Excellence and Support has been endorsed by ERO reports, Parent and Student surveys, and formal surveys such as PISA studies.                                                                                                                      

The notion of the ‘HIBS Man’ as a Man of Character (and of integrityexcellencerespectcouragepridecommitment and humility); a young man who does the right thing when no-one is watching, is reinforced through the HIBS DNA.  Predominantly the HIBS approach is very much on Responsibility, not Rules.

HIBS uses a variety of approaches to monitor, encourage and ensure positive behaviours. Positive relationships between staff and students, and senior and junior students are significant contributors to students feeling safe, affirmed and proud to be a HIBS student. The Tutor Group and House system also play a major role in students feeling valued and supported.

Junior classes are monitored by daily ‘Form Books’ which provide valuable feedback, both positive and negative, to ensure that any issues of concern are notified, and students then have opportunity to address or resolve any negative behavior. A variety of strategies and personnel are involved in resolving behavioural issues, including Restorative approaches, Referrals, Time Out, Reward, Counselling where appropriate.

On very rare occasions where behaviour is deemed to be: ‘Continually Disobedient’ or ‘Gross Misconduct’, HIBS may Stand Down or Suspend to ensure the safety of the HIBS students and Community.

Any behaviour or act invoking a disciplinary response, is referred to the appropriate member of the Pastoral Team in the first instance. No member of the Pastoral Team works in isolation – it is the norm for Team Members to consult with other members prior to making a decision regarding appropriate HIBS response to a student's behaviour. Serious incidents will often result in a student being in an emotive state. It is the norm to allow some time to ensure the student is supported and has time to settle emotionally prior to being spoken to. It is likely the student will be retained in the Pastoral Corridor during this period. Other evidence may be sought during this time, including discussions with other students or staff. It is not unusual for this part of the process to take 24 hours. The student will always be interviewed prior to any decision being made / recommended in adherence to Natural Justice principles.  The Deputy Principal / Director of Junior School (possibly in consultation with the Principal) will review all circumstances and where appropriate consider further action. This stage of the process will likely involve contact / meetings with parents. In the rare event of a student’s behavior warranting Stand Down or Suspension response, the Ministry of Educations Guidelines will be followed. Here are the links to the Ministry’s Guidelines for Schools and Parents.

  1. Guidelines for Schools
  2. Guidelines for Parents