Reporting and the HIBS Motivation Grades

All HIBS formal reporting, including the Interim Report (Term 1), and the Written Reports (Seniors - Term 2 and 3, Juniors - Term 2 and 4), will include marks for each of our Motivation Grades and an overall Motivation Grade total for each student.

The Motivation Grades that students are marked on, are specific to each of the Departments and relate to capabilities needed in these curriculum areas. For example, in Design Technology for the descriptor Motivation to Learn, where a student gains a Very Good grade, the descriptor reads as follows:

The student is involved in all areas of DET taking an interest in what he is learning. Work has been produced with a high level of thought and consideration. Tools are generally correctly selected and used.

While each descriptor is specific to the nature of the subject these are also generic in their overall intention across all departments. You can access each of the department specific Motivation Grade criteria by clicking on Motivation Grades below.

The HIBS Motivation Grade criteria provides

·         teachers with a guideline on which to make judgments about each student's capabilities in that subject, and

·         students with a framework on which to reflect on their capabilities and set goals to improve or develop these.

The Motivation Grades in each department include

·         motivation to learn,

·         participation and contribution,

·         attention in class (with the exception of English*),

·         organisation for learning, and

·         presentation of work (with the exception of Health and Physical Education, Music, Performing Arts, Gateway)

*The English department have added a Motivation to Read descriptor for Year 7 – 10 students with an aim to increase reading mileage, comprehension and achievement.   

HIBS Motivation Awards – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

Your son’s Motivation Grades are totalled and converted to a percentage which can be located at the top of each of his Reports. This overall grade in both the mid-year and end-of-year written reports only, determines those students who gain a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Motivation Award. HIBS Motivation Award assemblies are held twice a year. 

Because there is a strong connection between a student's ability to manage themselves successfully and their successful achievement, the HIBS Motivation Grades are also the basis for student Goal Setting particularly in the junior years when students are developing their learning capability and work ethic.
Students in the top 30% for the HIBS Motivation Grades in each year group are recognised in Academic Assemblies during the year following major reporting times. Based on their Motivation Grade total students in the top 30% gain either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Motivation Award.
Please click on the following link to view the guidelines for Motivation Grades