Learning Support

Our Aims

The government’s aim is to achieve over the next decade a world class, inclusive education system that provides learning opportunities of equal quality for all students.
(Special Education 2000)


The Support Department’s Aim is to improve Special Needs students access to the New Zealand Curriculum, enabling them to achieve success in curriculum areas through effective delivery of services. This includes “Gifted and Talented” students.


  • To improve students’ literacy levels across the curriculum.
  • To improve students’ numeracy levels.
  • To identify students who are underachieving in class due to a specific learning difficulty.
  • To provide tuition to small groups of students or individually to assist them.
  • To provide teachers with information to assist with teaching students who are underachieving.To improve students’ self esteem.



  • To provide students with an education targeted to their needs.
  • To recognise and identify students who require enrichment activities different from the regular classroom activities which offer a challenge.
  • To encourage teachers to run differentiated programmes so the individual strengths and interests of gifted and talented students can be met.