Why Learn a Language?

Language learning helps you to develop self esteem and self confidence that very few other subjects can match.

An employer choosing between applicants knows that a person who has studied another language at school will have highly developed:

  •  flexibility of thinking
  • sensitivity to other people
  • perseverance and application
  • an ability to see things from a different point of view
  • ability to apply information gained in one area to another
  • listening, speaking and memory skills
  • excellent communication skills
  • excellent co-operative skills
  • excellent interactive skills
  • enhanced understanding of other cultures
  • first hand experience of the difficulties faced by people living in a different culture

Language learning also enhances accuracy, neatness, deduction and logic:

  •  it is important to use deduction to work out the gist from the clues provided
  •  it is important to be as accurate as possible with spelling and structures
  •  it is important to write neatly to avoid misunderstanding
  •  it is important to be culturally sensitive to avoid giving offence