INTERNATIONALISATION = “an international orientation in knowledge and attitudes”

Internationalisation plays a large role in defining the success of our school and our students. It helps us to stand alone in our preparation of students for their future.

The founders of Hutt International Boys' School believed that as a school we must look beyond our own community. After 150 years of European settlement New Zealand had reached a turning point. Trade and business relations with neighbouring Asian and Pacific Rim countries would increase and so would our reliance on the rest of the world. To prepare for this change, future New Zealand leaders and thinkers would need to be exposed to a wider range of cultures at an early stage.

With the increasing use and importance of global communications it is certain that all of our students will at some time in their future be required to perform on the global stage.

Hence Internationalisation is a notion by which we develop in our students an International orientation in knowledge and attitudes; a global respect.

GLOBAL RESPECT = the acceptance, respect and tolerance for differences in people, places, customs, religions, languages and traditions.

Our challenge as educators is to develop responsible International thinking and a frame of reference in our students from which to recognise the dignity of all mankind.

Students at HIBS are encouraged through curriculum and initiatives to focus on the world and our role in it.

HIBS has been acknowledged by Education New Zealand as "the leading High School for Advancing Internationalisation" in New Zealand.


Te Taura Here Tāngata / Head of Internationalisation

    David Graham