Halberg House is named in honour of the highly successful Sir Murray Halberg.  A man who excelled in his endeavours, faced and overcame the barriers in his life and has spent his time empowering and serving others.
Sir Murray Halberg had to make goals in order to achieve his successes and to evaluate those goals constantly.  He had a dream and went after it.  Everyone should have, and hold on to their dreams.
Halberg House is about each individual, the strengths they bring and the support they receive in the Halberg team.
Let's work hard, have fun and stay 'ON TRACK'


In Halberg we approach everything we do based on five core Values:

  • Respect and treat individuals with dignity.
  • Encourage creativity and initiatives of individuals.
  • Encourage individuals to strive to be their best.
  • Be honest and men of integrity.
  • Have some fun along the way.