Selection of Teams and Selection Model

Selection at HIBS is done by team coaches and managers. Team coaches and managers at this school are teachers, parent volunteers, professional coaches and capable students; people who by virtue of their playing and coaching experience we deem fit and suitably qualified to select teams that will represent our school.

Selection is not an exact science and it will never be such. Some of the best athletes in the world were not selected to the top teams in their school.  We understand that sport is emotional for both boys and their parents and that students may at times not get selected for teams they had hoped to be selected for. Regrettably that is the nature of sport and selection.

At HIBS we endeavour to do the very best we can to ensure that selections are made to achieve teams that are both balanced and capable. 

At no point does non selection make anyone any “less than” but rather it should drive students to put a fire in their belly to drive them on to the next goal. The journey in our chosen sport is not a sprint but a marathon and along the way we hope students collect tools that will help teach them to become resilient, deal with adversity, build and reveal character.  

Questions regarding selections of teams will only be addressed by the HIBS sports office if it appears that the selectors concerned have not adhered to the selection criteria set out below.

A selection model that we consider appropriate would be based around the following criteria

Consistent performance – Does the player consistently performs at their best according to the coaches expectations and the level of competition

Significant performance – Does the player contribute in a significant way to the winning of the game

Contribution to the team – Does the player add to, advance and support the team culture, values, dynamic and personality of the team

Fitness – Is this player fit enough cognitively, physically, mentally and emotionally for the rigours required in the game

Skill – Does this player possess the appropriate level of skill in their position and for the balance of positions required in this team

Selector’s intuition – The innate understanding in selectors achieved through their experience of being involved in the sport.