Excellence and Encouragement are the cornerstones of teaching and learning at HIBS. Our students results are consistently represented among the top achieving schools in the New Zealand for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

ERO stated that, "Hutt International Boys’ School promotes high quality conditions for supporting well-being, learning and success.”

Research affirms that young men learn more effectively in single-sex schools. Learning capability is enhanced through the development of routines and expectations and these are fostered by skillful and committed specialist classroom teachers, teaching small class sizes in modern learning environments. Students develop independence and confidence as they navigate their way through both compulsory and optional learning areas from the New Zealand Curriculum. Student achievement is monitored and tracked as progress is made through the school. As well as National Standards data, CEM assessment data gathered on both entry to Year 7 and Year 9 is used to identify student progress as they transition into the secondary school years. Analysis of this data and other information gathered from core class assessment tasks informs targeted teaching and learning. This information highlights individual student’s strengths, needs and learning difference and responsive differentiated learning opportunities ensure continued student progress and achievement. Languages and cultural understanding form a component of the curriculum for all boys until the end of Year 10.

In the senior school broad curriculum choices allow students to select their senior programme from a range of traditional subjects through to those that are more creative and artistic in nature. Boys achieve highly across all learning areas and ERO highlighted this in their most recent review stating that at HIBS

“Achievement from Years 7 to 13 is high.”