Classroom Expectations

The School ‘Code of Behaviour’ revolves around the concepts of:

Courtesy – Consideration – Cooperation – Common Sense

A positive working environment will ensure we can teach and learn effectively and productively.

The following rules are essential and should be applied consistently in all classrooms.

  • Arrive at class quietly and on time
  • Wear correct uniform and bring the right equipment
  • Listen to the teacher and follow instructions
  • Respect the rights of others to learn
  • Treat others with courtesy and consideration.
  • Eating, drinking or chewing gum in class are not permitted
  • Offensive language or behaviour is unacceptable
  • Exit from class should be controlled and quiet
  • Leave the room clean and tidy for the next class
  • Digital devices OFF and in bag but can be used at Teacher’s discretion
  • Students should not be listening to personal music players in class
  • Jackets and hats should be off in classrooms.

Staff will make it clear how they expect students to behave. Disruptive behaviour is unacceptable and risks the learning opportunities of other students. Disruptive behaviour is defined as conduct by any student which prevents the class teacher from fulfilling his/her teaching responsibilities to the class as a whole and/or prevents other students from learning.

For significant or repetitive behaviours that do not adhere to these expectations, parents are likely to be contacted.