Introduction and purpose

School Sports Colours criteria

Any sporting activity complements the academic, cultural and spiritual dimensions of a well-balanced young man. Sport is an enriching and rewarding experience, designed to allow students of all ability levels to take part and ultimately foster excellence.  At HIBS we provide an extensive range of sport opportunities for all our students.

Most young men develop life-long interests through their sporting activities at this age. This learning outside the classroom develops self-esteem, teaches life skills (such a grit, resilience and determination), social skills (such as tolerance and co-operation) and learning how to face challenges; skills that we believe our boys require as they move through HIBS and on into their next stage in life.

Each year, our young sportsmen enjoy success at local, regional and national level. This success can be achieved as an individual or in a team environment at HIBS. Our sports teams continue to strive for success and our results have been impressive for a young school when compared to older, larger schools across the region and on the national stage.

Other than attaining success through sport, the values of HIBS DNA will be underpinned through HIBS’ sport:

H- Honour: Young men of HIBS will honour the school, and its policies through their sporting endeavours.

I- Integrity: Fair Play will be practised by all HIBS men.

B- Belief: Individuals will believe in themselves, and encourage teammates, and other HIBS teams to do so.

S- Service: HIBS sportsmen will endeavour to develop their leadership skills by volunteering their services to the broader HIBS Sport community.

Sports Team Photos

Formal Sports Team photographs are taken annually at the school towards the end of the winter season.

These formal photographs are taken of our senior 1st teams and teams that have won a College Sport Regional title or who are in a position to possibly win a College Sport regional title if the winter season is as yet incomplete.

All other teams are more than welcome to take informal photographs and submit these to the HIBS Sport Facebook page or submit these with yearbook reports to appear in the yearbook.

Formal photographs for teams other than 1st teams or title winners need to be organized by those associated with the team.


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