Welcome to the 2018 season.

If recent years are to go by HIBS will field 3 secondary school teams. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd XIs will play in the Wellington Secondary School hockey competition. These games are played mid-week at any of the following locations; Maidstone (Upper Hutt), Fraser (Lower Hutt), National Hockey Stadium (Newtown), Elsdon (Porirua) and Kapiti and Clareville (Carterton). The teams in your grade will dictate where your games will be played.

There will be a year 7 & 8 team(s) selected later in the year. This team does not feature in a regular competition. The boys still tending to play for their club sides on a weekend and only appear in traditional fixtures against the likes of Wellesley, Lindisfarne and others to be confirmed.
There is an under 15 team selected during the year that will take part in the annual Miskimmin Cup, this tournament takes place on a day in August.  Selections are made for this tournament across all our secondary teams.

Secondary School Trials

Trials this year will occur on Tuesday 20 March at Maidstone turf between 4 – 6pm. If your son is interested in making the 1st or 2nd XI he should attend these trials. Once the firsts are selected, there is a 3/4 day tournament in Carterton in the first week of the April school holidays. We will not be staying in Carterton for this tournament but travelling to and from each day. The approximate cost per player will be $60.

All secondary competitions will start week 1 of term 2. The playing evenings are as follows:

1st XI. Friday. (Practice Monday 4:00 – 5:00 Maidstone)

2nd XI. Tuesday. (Practice Monday 4:00 – 5:00 Maidstone)

3rd XI. Friday (School Turf. To be confirmed)

In terms of playing uniform; hockey socks can be purchased from the uniform shop. These are required for all teams.
1st XI: Full uniform is supplied.
2nd XI: School PE shorts, Tops are provided.
3rd XI: Full Physical Education uniform.
All teams must have a school tracksuit jacket. No player will be allowed on the turf without shin pads and a mouth guard.

Any other information about specific teams will be published on the hockey website under their team page on the school website as it comes to hand.