POLICY NUMBER O10: Student Enrolment

The Deed of Integration section 23 states:

"The Board shall not give preference of enrolment to the parents of a child unless the Proprietor concurs that those parents have established a particular or general connection with the Special Character of the school to the satisfaction of the Board". This is given effect through the application of the Board's criteria for student enrolment selection, which are outlined below.

The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for decisions on student enrolment.  In making these decisions the Board of Trustees will take the following two principles into account:

  • the maintenance of the Special Character of the school;
  • the overall needs of current and future students.

Management of the student enrolment process is delegated to a Selection Committee of senior staff, led by the Principal.  The committee will include a senior member of staff to represent the Proprietors' interests.

The make-up of the Selection Committee is approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Selection Committee will report to the Board of Trustees on the outcome of the student enrolment process annually.

Staff and Members of the Boards of Proprietors and Trustees shall not provide written references in support of any student enrolment applications.


The school keeps class sizes at a maximum of 24 students with an aim to an overall teacher-pupil ratio 1 to 20. Its main entry point to school is at Year 7 level. However, from time to time, a vacancy arises at Year 8 - 13. A procedure has been established for management to follow in the event of a vacancy at Year 8 - 13.

The Selection Committee shall have regard to the following criteria in selecting prospective students to be offered a place. The Committee has discretion not to enrol an applicant, even if they meet some of these criteria.

1. Brothers of a current student.
2. Son of a current staff member.
3. Students of families committed to the development and enhancement of the Special Character of the school.
4. Students who will enhance the educational environment of the school particularly with regard to the Special Character.
5. Students whom the Selection Committee believes would gain most from attending.
The Committee may also consider the following:

a. The length of time a student has been pre-enrolled at the school;
b. Such other factors as may emerge from the interview process;
c. Families that have had a previous association with the school, including the sons of former students;
d. In the case of there being some complexity in the family relationships vis a vis criteria 1, 2 and c above, the Committee will exercise its judgement in relation to what reasonably constitutes a relevant relationship (half-brothers/sons, step-brothers/sons etc). A guiding principle will be the Board's desire not to split families across different schools.
e. In respect of families who have declined to make attendance due payments for a current student, the Committee must consider very carefully whether to enrol another student from that family.
1. A completed enrolment form is received.
2. The Selection Committee will review each application against the criteria for selection listed above. They will identify a shortlist to be invited for interview, and a waiting list.
3. An interview with the Principal or his delegate(s) will take place with all prospective students shortlisted for a place at the school (if there will be vacancies).
4. Offers will be made in writing for all available places.
5. A small waiting list will be retained in the event that any prospective students offered places, decline. The waiting list is likely to be at most 10 prospective students. A waiting list letter is sent in writing.
6. Profile forms for all prospective students not offered a place or retained on the waiting list will be destroyed as soon as practicable. Application forms will be returned if requested.
7. If an offer is made and accepted an Advance on Attendance Dues is paid to the school's Board of Proprietors, Hutt Independent Boys' School Incorporated. This Advance on Attendance Dues is refundable by the Board of Proprietors as long as one term's notice of withdrawal of the student is given in writing.
8. An offer of a place is not transferable to another student or another year level.
1. The School does not maintain a waiting list of prospective students.
2. From time to time, the Board of Trustees may resolve that a place in a year level other than 7 is available and should be filled. The Board shall determine what year level that vacancy should be allocated to, having regard to advice from the Principal. Preference should be given to allocating any vacancy to Year 9 level (if possible), to aid a new student's transition into the School.
3. Any vacancies available at Year 8 - 13 shall be notified to the School community.
4. A sibling of a current student will receive first priority for filling any vacancy, as their family has already demonstrated their commitment to the Special Character of the School. Secondary priority will be given to the sibling of a prospective student who has confirmed their enrolment at the School in the forthcoming year.
5. If there is no eligible sibling of a current student to fill a vacancy, a vacancy will be notified on the School website with a call for expressions of interest by a set date.
6. Procedures 1 - 4 of the Procedures for Year 7 Enrolment shall apply.