Welcome to the Career Development Department

The Careers Library is located in the Barry Kerr Memorial Library. It is accessible to students Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm. The Careers Library provides current information on all Universities, Technical Institutions as well as brochures on scholarships that are available.

Students are welcome to make an appointment with the Careers Advisor. Please note the details on the door to the office regarding her timetable and where to find her.

As well as Careers guidance and resources, the Careers Department offers STAR and Gateway.

To contact the Careers Advisor:
Jeanie Moore
DDI 527 2213

Looking to the Future

You may be unsure of what you want to do, or whether University or Polytech is right for you, or can you get a scholarship. Or there may be a hundred other Careers based questions you have in your mind. The only way to answer these questions is to research. What we have provided here is information and links to some of the places that can give you answers to your questions. 

A place to start – finding out about who you are and what jobs might suit you

A great place to start is the Careers NZ website It has a huge range of information. Some suggested specific areas to look at:

Career Quest – asks questions to find our likes and dislikes and suggests jobs to match the answers given
Know your skills – learn how to identify the skills that you already have
Skills matcher – find out what jobs need the skills you have
Subject matcher – find out what jobs use the skills and knowledge from your school subjects
Where to from here– pick your favourite subject and find out what jobs it could lead to

Finding out more about jobs

You may have found some jobs that could be of interest to you but want to know more – what subjects do you need to take, what tertiary courses train you for the job, what do they do on a typical day in the job?

Use the job database to look up different jobs.
Find out what is happening in the job market in NZ at the moment. Where are the skill shortages, who earns what, and how has working NZ changed over the years.

Finding out about Tertiary training

Here are some links to the home pages of some of the tertiary providers in New Zealand.

Victoria University
Massey University
Otago Unversity
Canterbury University
Waikato University
Auckland University
Lincoln University

For more information about tertiary training institutions, try here 


We have Breakout available on the school network which all students can access at school. This is a database of thousands of scholarships available in New Zealand. It does take a bit of patience to use as it is overdue a makeover but is still very valuable at suggesting scholarships you may not have known about.

All Universities and Polytechs have scholarships available. I would recommend that you go to the institutions home page and use their search function to search for scholarships.

Further information about scholarships in general is available here 

How to get a Job

 For tips on job hunting

Information on CV’s and Interview techniques.

For writing CV’s, templates are available here

Other Careers Information

The Australian version of the Careers website is here.
Just the Job – a TV series that takes a Year 13 student and places them in the workplace to learn about different jobs. Check here for more details about this series and links to episodes on TVNZ
Health Sciences – many Health Science degrees (eg Medicine, Dentistry) involve UCAT. For more information about UCAT go here.