In both the HIBS Interim Report (Term 1), and the Written Reports (Seniors Term 2 and 3, Juniors Term 2 and 4), students will be assessed by each of their subject teachers using the HIBS Motivation Grade criteria below. The HIBS Motivation Grade criteria provides teachers with a guideline on which to make judgments about each student's ability to manage themselves in regard to their learning in that subject.

The Motivation Grades include students motivation to learn, positive participation in class, attention in class, their organisation for learning and the presentation of their work. In practical based subjects students may not receive a grade for presentation of work, for example in Physical Education.
Because there is a strong connection between a student's ability to manage themselves successfully and their successful achievement, the HIBS Motivation Grades are also the basis for student Goal Setting particularly in the junior years when students are developing their learning capability and work ethic.
Students in the top 30% for the HIBS Motivation Grades in each year group are recognised in Academic Assemblies during the year following major reporting times. Based on their Motivation Grade total students in the top 30% gain either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Motivation Award.
Please click on the following link to view the guidelines for Motivation Grades